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The Ultimate Diamond Buying Guide

Read our Ultimate Diamond Buying Guide which explains more about how each individual component affects Diamond Pricing. In our experience as gemstone dealers, we have amassed a lot of industry knowledge after seeing hundred thousands of Diamonds. Predominantly as gemstone traders, we know what to look out for and would like to share our comprehensive knowledge to our clients.

This guide will be more detailed that other Diamond Buying Introductions that you may find. It includes our opinion and experience in jewellery appraisals from working in International Auctions and Pawn Brokering. Our Ultimate Diamond Guide will also ensure that your questions are answered, and you will have the theoretical knowledge of a Professional Diamond Grader and market expert after reading. This knowledge will empower you to choose a diamond that maximizes your budget by knowing what to look out for. We will also provide our opinions on certain types of diamonds – if they retain their value after purchase.

This is a professional guide that will go straight to the point. If you would like to know more about general diamond properties, our Introduction to Diamonds will provide that information.

Our Ultimate Diamond Buying Guide is divided into the following sections. We recommend opening them in separate tabs as the information may be heavy to digest.

  • With so many certification laboratories around, which should you trust?

  • How do you compare between each certification grading systems?

  • How diamonds being priced in the B2B market will affect you

  • What is an overweight diamond?

  • How can I maximise my budget by choosing some colours instead?

  • How can colour be differentiated after being set in a jewellery?

  • How does it affect the resale value and the outlook of the diamonds

  • Why are some diamonds with fluorescence so cheap?

  • What are some inclusions that make it extremely risky to purchase diamonds online?

  • What is the visual difference between the clarity grades?

  • The most important factor, but is triple excellent cut really that important?

  • Hearts and Arrow scope

  • ASET light return scope

  • Comparison of some special diamond cuts sold in Singapore retail markets

  • Should you buy a synthetic diamond? Pros and Cons

  • Can online diamond shops be trusted?

Be an intelligent consumer by learning way beyond the standard 4Cs (Carat, Colour, Clarity, Cut), apply new technology and gain market insights into the local diamond variations sold. Reading through this will give you the confidence to choose the best diamond for your special occasion.

Image Courtesy: DiamondNexus


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