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The Bespoke Journey

Start your very own journey in a bespoke creation, crafted with only the finest gemstones. It can be molded by your original idea or inspired from our collection. 


At Moltenore, we put in the same dedication and perfectionism into every single piece we make. Start your journey with us today.


Step 1: Finding Your Gem

Find your gemstone. This is the most important part of the process; finding a stone that suits your style, embody your personality, and of course catches you heart.

Choose from our collection of loose gemstones or let us know if you would like us to specially source one for you. It takes us about 2 weeks to source for a suitable gem.

morganite sketch_edited.jpg

Step 2: Creating Your Design

Be inspired and let your ideas flow. Our designers will capture and illustrate your visions. Receive a Mock-up or Sketch over the next few days as a visual representation of your dream jewellery.

morganite cad.jfif

Step 3: Making in Progress

For complicated pieces, we may do a CAD drawing to clearly identify the different mechanisms to a single piece of jewelry.

For example, this Morganite pendant can be worn in 2 directions, a as ring, as a pendant without the ribbon top, a brooch, a removable pearl clipper to hang on pearl necklaces and multiple mouse-hooks to attach extensions.


Unravelling Your Masterpiece

It is always a heartfelt special moment when our customers unbox their finished creations for the first time. And we are there to capture that moment for them.

A typical bespoke creation will take 2 months of waiting time. Upon special request, we are able to expedite it to 2 weeks. 



We make our jewellery with 18 karat gold. This means that the gold consists of 75% pure gold and 25% of other alloys. This is an industry standard for gemset jewellery. Our gold is also durable for daily wear and safe from any allergies.

Upon special request, we are also able to make jewelry casts in other metals such as platinum and titanium.


We handpick all our gemstones, focusing on colour, value and quality. Only the finest are chosen. Find out more about the gemstones we specialise in.

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Rhonda, Doctor

I am thankful that Moltenore provides the ultimate bespoke service and that their company helps people create memories with their glamorous and dazzling designs.


Their timeless creations will last through many generations and i can't wait to bring my daughter there to create her birthday or wedding jewellery.


4.25 cts Paraiba Tourmaline with

16 Rose Cut Diamonds Total 3.25 cts

WeChat Image_20200627164912.png

Jenny, Educator

It's my third piece of jewellery from Moltenore. Now a friend whom I trust to get the best gems for my budget, with flexibility to customise to my desired design. 

Each piece of work is versatile - apt for office wear and adds the elegance for formal dinners.


0.91 cts Pigeon's Blood Ruby Unheated Mozambique with 0.73 cts of Diamonds

WeChat Image_20200707231525.jpg

Shelvia, Entrepreuner

Very thankful and appreciative that Moltenore guided me from having zero knowledge of sapphire stones to fully grasping hold of how the selection for the necklace works.


The entire buying process was streamlined with thoughtful advice catering to individual budget. I highly recommend it and would definitely come back the next time I yearn for a unique and beautiful jewellery!


4.36 cts Royal Blue Sapphire Unheated

Sri Lanka with 2.15 cts of Diamond

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