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The Atelier

Moltenore Fine Jewellery Atelier is a design house dedicated to creating bespoke jewellery, an exclusive service to our customers. Our experience in auction appraisal enables us to offer our clients the finest gemstones.

We create stunning, one-of-a-kind, heirloom jewellery pieces using top grade gemstones that can be passed down for generations to come. Each creation is handmade by our Master Craftsmen, applying both traditional jewellery techniques and modern software to ensure accuracy. We only use the finest quality gemstones, set in precious metals to bring your imaginations and desires to life.

Let Moltenore takes you on a unique, personal journey to create the perfect piece of jewellery from your dreams.

Your jewellery tells your story.

Our Story

After years of working in the diamond & gemstone trade in various countries including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo and Singapore. We started Moltenore Fine Jewellery Atelier in Singapore over our passion for rare investment coloured gemstones.
We spent a good amount of our life working abroad as gem dealers. From going down straight to the mines, to working for international renowned auction houses, our experience provided the expertise to appraise and appreciate fine quality investment gemstones that are usually traded only among collectors.

 We eventually established Moltenore, where we share our love for the finest gemstones to our customers through a personal, insightful bespoke experience. 

Moltenore Fine Jewellery Atelier Singapore High Jewellery
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Our private atelier offers the finest investment gemstones in the world as the friends personally source every single gem to create these exquisite impressive jewellery. Over the years, we have gained recognition among dealers as a private jeweler.

We also display one of the most impressive collection of investment grade gemstones that is rarely seen in the public. These are collection pieces that we auction periodically to international auctions houses. 


Tiancheng International Auctions
Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair
HKTDC, Hong Kong Jewelley & Gem Fair
Gemological Institute of America
Sotheby's Auction House
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