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The Rugosa Alba Rose

The Wynyard collection captures the majesty of flowers in full bloom. Inspired by the Rugosa Alba Roses, a flower that comes in a variety of beautiful colours, the collection uses only vivid centerpieces.


These gemstones are then surrounded by rose cut diamonds to exemplify the richness and beauty of the flower.

Floral Blooms

Big white single flowers with yellow tufted stamens sit atop its deep green quilted leaves. At times, round bright red hips give a hint of fall color, a time fond of memories.

Singapore Jewelry Diamonds
Singapore Jewelry Diamonds
Singapore Jewelry Diamonds
Singapore Jewelry Diamonds

Rugosa Style


Alba Roses dates back to the Middle Ages, a timeless creation of nature, the very same force that formed our gemstones. Their flowers evolved to form pink, blush and white delicate textures that is simply perfection in itself.

Our centerpieces are encapsulated by diamonds fashioned in unique cutting styles - brilliant hearts or rose cuts, layered intricately modelling after the overlapping petals of this phenomenal rose.

Singapore Jewelry Diamonds

Green Diamond Display: 

2.03 cts FI YG VS2 Diamond - (GIA) with a rare Strong Green Fluorescence 

4.35 cts Rose Cut Diamonds 

0.25 cts Pink Diamonds 

Orange Diamond Display: 

0.75 cts FV OY Diamond - (GIA) 

Singapore Jewelry Diamonds
Singapore High Jewelry Sapphire

Fancy Coloured Diamonds


Out of 100,000 diamonds, only a few will have one of the extremely rare colours (blue, orange, green, red, pink , violet). There is a varying intensity between "very light" and "vivid", with the latter being rarer.


Green diamonds are amongst the rarest gemstones with very limited supply, coloured by radioactivity over millions of years, it is truly a gift from nature.

Find out more about coloured diamonds.

Sapphire Display: 

4.27 cts Royal Blue Sapphire

Unheated Sri Lankan (GRS)

2.49 cts Rose Cut Diamonds

Singapore Jewelry Ruby
Singapore Jewelry Ruby

Coloured Centerpiece


Like the core of the Rugosa Alba Rose, our gemstones light up the garden, round brilliants around as its stigma, rose cut diamonds as its petals.

Ruby Display: 

8.02 cts Pigeon Blood Ruby

Heated (b) Burmese (GRS)

5.10 cts Rose Cut Diamonds (approx)

This work of art is displayed in our private showroom.

Get in touch with us  for a viewing, or if you are interested in something customized.

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