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Our People

The professional team at Moltenore Fine Jewellery Atelier is directed by Yifeng and Jayne, long time friends who first met at a jewellery exhibition. 




Decided to pursue his passion in the jewellery industry at an early age of 18. After attaining his official qualification as a Applied Jewellery Professional from the Gemological Institute of America, he went on to study Jewellery at Tong Ji University in Shanghai. He then gained a 2 year apprenticeship, training under a master gemologist with 40 years experience in gemstone appraisal. Given his strong passion in jewellery designing, Yifeng then went on to understudy from a well-known Shanghainese jewellery designer who then won consecutive years of Gold among other awards in the Shanghai Yu Long Awards 上海玉龙奖 for jewellery design. After these experiences, Yifeng attained his title as a professional Graduate Gemologist with the Gemological Institute of America.

From then on, Yifeng has went to many major cities to trade gemstones, attending many trade shows and auctions. He also acquired first hand experience of auctions when he worked at TianCheng International Auctions in Hong Kong and Shanghai Johhan Auctions Co.Ltd in Shanghai. His experience in the industry include auction appraisals and modern-contemporary jewellery designing.



Graduated from Singapore Management University (SMU) with a Bachelor's Degree in Science (Economics). During her third year in SMU, Jayne decided to explore her interests in gemology by enrolling in the Gemological Institute of America. After which, Jayne has officially qualified as a professional Graduate Gemologist with the following titles, GIA GG,  AJP™ , DG. During her time in the industry, Jayne has work in large jewellery retail corporations in Singapore. She later moved on to work for international dealers at international trade shows and exhibitions including the world biggest gem show: Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair. After these experiences, she then took an apprenticeship under one of the leading renowned auction dealers from Pakistan.


Her extensive connections in the trade gave her opportunities to visit direct sources of the gemstones we now see at Moltenore. This includes the Sapphire Mines in Ratnapura Sri Lanka, Pearl Farms in Bali Indonesia and other trade secret manufacturing plants. She is a Certified Pearl Specialist under the Cultured Pearl Association of America. She also gained the opportunity as an apprentice in Tokyo under a renowned Japanese Pearl Master with more than 30 years of experience as a technician and dealer. Since then, Jayne has traveled extensively to trade in gemstone capitals over the world: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Antwerp, Bangkok, New York, Tokyo, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. Her experience in the industry includes wholesale supply chain, retail operations and auctions appraisal.

Moltenore's Expertise

All of Moltenore's High Jewellery pieces are conceptualized and designed in-house by our internationally acclaimed designers, who have won many design awards in both China and Hong Kong. Our Gemologists, Yifeng and Jayne, often travel to sources, converse with gemstone mine owners to understand and handpick the best gemstones to use in Moltenore's jewellery creations.


Given our extensive trade network, other local boutique jewellers and designers have approached us to help source for their gemstones. Many of them have also bought from our collection of loose stones to use in their jewellery. One of our notable clients operating in the mass-market jewellery space that we have supplied gemstones to, includes Aspial Corporation's brands of jewellery.

Unlike many other jewelers who engage merchandisers, the gemstones used by Moltenore are personally sourced by both Gemologists, Yifeng and Jayne


Every piece of Moltenore's Jewellery is handcrafted by our Master Craftsmen. With more than 40 years of experience, our Master Craftsmen have distinguished careers in bringing together the best materials, designs, manufacturing technologies and trends worldwide into each piece of jewellery Moltenore produces.

Apart from Moltenore's regular retail work, we exhibit and participate in international gem shows in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Kobe, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo. We also deal with auctions houses: Sotheby's, TianCheng International Auctions, Bonhams, Phillips, China Guardian Auctions,  and Christie's Auction House as private collectors.

Yifeng and Jayne are continuously involved in the Moltenore to adopt latest trends in jewellery design and technology to create one of a kind heirloom jewellery. As the team travels, we update our unique experiences on Instagram to share with our community members. 

Learn about some of our hands-on experience such as Pearl Farming on our Instagram Highlights

' The best relationship is with knowledge' - NT

Motenore's Expertise
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