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The Burmese Ruby Collection

The Perfect Moltenore Cut
Full Fire gems that sparkle


At Moltenore, we use only top quality gemstones in our jewellery. Every single gem is individually handpicked and quality curated before being handcrafted into our fine jewellery pieces.



15.49 cts Vivid Red Burmese Spinel

The Bespoke Journey
Create your very own bespoke jewellery with a personal designer and gemmologist in the privacy and comfort of Moltenore's creation space.

15.49 cts Vivid Red Burmese Spinel

International Events

Auctions, Exhibitions, Gem Sources

Looking For A Special Gem?


At Moltenore, we personally select every gemstone, creating a unique piece that is meticulously designed and carefully crafted. With every step of its journey curated, we ensure that every creation is a masterpiece. Send us a <Request> and we can source your gemstone for you.

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