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Modified Cutting <The Ultimate Diamond Buying Guide>

*Do note that our writings are based on our personal opinion and only serves as a reference or guide.

In this article, we will explain what modified cuttings are in round brilliant diamonds and how they are valued in the resale market.

Modified Round Brilliant Cutting

A round brilliant standard cut has 57 or 58 facets (including the cutlet). Modified cuts have more than these standard number of facets, which would make the Diamond have more scintillations (due to number of surfaces) but it may also compromise on the fire (rainbow flashes).

There are some jewellers who market their Modified Cut Diamond as the best in the market, having the highest light return etc, but do note that certain cuttings reduces other important factors such as the fire, hence GIA only gives the standard round cut diamonds a cut grade.

Modified cut diamonds graded at GIA would not be given a Cut Grading, only polish and symmetry. In our opinion, buying modified cuts is a thing of personal preference.

While most sellers would sell them at a 20-30% premium, it is important to know that these modified cuts in the resale market are worth less in the resale market like pawnshops compared to a standard cut diamond.

This is from our experience working in pawn-shops, knowing how diamond jewellery there is given a price.

Here is a comparison of some modified cuts sold in Singapore compared to a standard cut round brilliant diamond. Like mentioned above, buying modified cut diamonds is a thing of personal preference.

Personally, we prefer facets that are cut in the more proportionate triangle and kite shapes. To us, some patterns are pretty while others look over the top. And as a gemstone dealer who focuses a lot on the investment/resale value, I would always pick standard cuts unless for fancy shapes or fancy coloured diamonds. 

Upon reading our article on fluorescence, it is important to really know what you are looking for and what you prioritise, be it novelty or a good resale value, if you are trying to get the best diamond for your requirements.

Head back to our Ultimate Diamond Buying Guide to learn about the other components of diamond grading.


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