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Most expensive coloured diamonds in history

Did you know that coloured diamonds are incredibly rare unlike their colourless counterparts? Countries like India, South Africa, and Australia are the most well-known historical and current sources of fancy coloured diamonds. In the past only diamonds of a specific colour were allowed to be owned and worn by members of with status classes. As a result, diamonds became a status symbol in the past. Coloured diamond comes in various colours like Green, Red, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Orange, Violet and Purple.


Legendary-Dresden-Green-Diamond has been around for more than 200 years. The green coloured diamond weighs about 41 carat and it’s originated from Kollur mine in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. It is believed to be discovered before 1722. In 1726 the asking price of the Dresden Green Diamond was £ 30 000 pound sterling pound. The coloured diamond price was quoted at 60,000, 200.000 400,000 thaler. 1 thaler = 75 US cents ) in 1941 and sold to to Friedrich Augustus. Below is the Chronological history of the Legendary-Dresden-Green coloured Diamond.

Image courtesy : GIA

Moussaieff Red diamond

The Moussaieff Red diamond was founded by famer Abaetezinho River in Brazil 1990s.The coloured diamond stone weighs 13.9 carats in its rough state. The Moussaieff red coloured diamond was then purchased by William Goldberg Diamond Corporation of New York. The coloured diamond stone was then being transformed by the master cutter of the corporation into the Triangular Brilliant cut which was also known as a trilliant cut. Afterwards, it is named as Red shield which weigh 5.11 Carats. In the early 2000s, Shlomo Moussaieff, an Israeli-born Jewellery dealer in London purchased the stone for around $8 million then renamed it Moussaieff Red. The Red coloured Diamond has been on display twice at the Natural History Museum of the Smithsonian Institution for the past 2 decades. Today, The estimated value of Moussaeif red diamond is $20 million

Image courtesy : GIA

Tifanny Yellow Diamond

The Tiffany yellow diamond was discovered in 1877 in South Africa weighing 287.42 carats. The coloured diamond stone was then purchased by Tiffany’s founder Charles Lewis Tiffany for $18,000. The cut process for 128.54 carats carat radiant cushion cut-finish product is overseen by gemologist DR George Ferderick. The coloured diamond Jewellery was worn by an American ambassador to the Tiffany Ball in Rhode Island in 1957. The net worth of the coloured diamond jewellery is estimated to be around $26 million dollars.

Image courtesy : Theadveneturine

The pink legacy

Pink Legacy was mined in South Africa in 1918 and was once owned by De Beers' Oppenheimer family. It has a rectangular cut with cut corners, and have not been altered when it was first cut in 1920. The fancy vivid pink cut diamond weighs 18.96 carats. The coloured diamond gemstone is set in a platinum ring. Harry Winston American jeweller bought the pink diamond in 2018 and renamed the stone the Winston Pink Legacy. The coloured diamond was sold for an estimation of 50 million Swiss francs($50m; £38.5m), at a Christie's auction, and at $2.6 million per carat, which set a world record for a pink coloured diamond.

Image courtesy: Christies

The hope diamond

It is believed that whoever owns the coloured diamond stone will face a horrible fate. Hope diamond gets its name from the London banking family that owns the gem. Afterwards, Pierre Cartier bought the hope diamond in Paris several months after the Cartier New York Store was launched. The coloured diamond had to change its ownership a few times before Cartier bought it again at 500,000 francs which was estimated to be around $2.2 million. Today, Hope diamonds are displayed in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History which was gifted by Harry Winston an American Jeweller. Currently, the Hope diamond estimated worth $350 million.

Image courtesy : Forbes

The orange diamond

The orange diamond is known as "The Orange," is the biggest Fancy Vivid Orange coloured Diamond ever sold at an auction. It was sold for $35 million at Christie’s Geneva Magnificent Jewels Sale in November 2013 and set a new world record. The coloured diamond's country of origin is South Africa, where the Zwartruggen dikes of South Africa have previously been established as a fruitful source of amber and orange coloured diamonds, with 2-5 per cent of the production from these mines being amber or orange-coloured diamonds.

Image courtesy : Forbes

Spirit of the rose

The purple pink diamond is known as the Spirit of the rose. The diamond was mined, cut, and polished in Russia and was called 'The Spirit of the Rose' after Vaslav Nijinsky's legendary ballet, Le Spectre de la Rose. The gem was cut from a rough coloured diamond stone found in a mine in Sakha Northeast Asia weighing 27.85 carats. The 14.83-carat pink coloured diamond was sold for 24.4 million swiss francs ( $26.6 million) at an Auction in Geneva.

Image courtesy : Sothebys Image courtesy : BBC



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