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Consigned with Tiancheng International

Moltenore has been both a buyer and seller, with our earliest design auctioned out in 2013.

Tiancheng International Auctions Hong Kong, Moltenore Fine Jewellery Atelier, Singapore

Our Relations with Tiancheng International

As one of our sources for investment grade gemstones, Moltenore regularly participates in auctions to acquire rare impressive pieces. We choose our stones based on colour, cutting and then clarity. Our team will later redesign these pieces into timeless heirlooms.


Some of our Past Consigned Jewellery


Lot 2 Icy Jadeite, Ruby and Diamond Pendant Necklace Sold for: HK$37,760

Auction Estimate:

  • HK$30,000 - 50,000

  • US$3,900 - 6,400

The openwork pendant set with numerous carved icy jadeite cabochons of good translucency, decorated with heart-shaped rubies and brilliant-cut diamonds, the rubies and diamonds together weighing approximately 1.30 and 1.35 carats respectively, accompanied by a chain, mounted in 18 karat white gold, length approximately 605mm.

Accompanied by Hong Kong Jade & Stone Laboratory report numbered SJ123155, dated 8 October 2015, stating that the jadeite is natural, known as 'A Jade'.



Lot 110 Group of Jewellery Sold for: HK$76,000

Auction Estimate:

  • HK$50,000 - 80,000

  • US$6,400 - 10,300

Comprising: two rings and two pairs of earrings, the first ring centering on a cushion-shaped padparadscha sapphire weighing 2.74 carats, decorated with rose-cut diamonds together weighing approximately 2.85 carats.

Accompanied by GIA report 5196504808, dated 24 February, 2015, stating that the 2.74 carat padparadscha sapphire is natural, Pinkish Orange colour, of Madagascan origin, with indication of heat treatment; EGL report numbered EGL5550260528, dated 25 September 2013, stating that the 2.74 carat sapphire is natural, Bright Orange Red colour.


Lot 138 Group of Colourless Jadeite, White Jade, Gem-Set and Diamond Jewellery Sold for: HK$76,700

Auction Estimate:

  • HK$35,000 - 50,000

  • US$4,500 - 6,400

The first pendant carved as a fortune melon, set with a translucent jadeite of celadon colour, suffused deep emerald green patches, to a surmount decorated with a circular-cut garnet and circular-cut diamonds; the second pendant carved as a peapod, to a surmount decorated with circular-cut rubies and diamonds.

Accompanied by Hong Kong Jade & Stone Laboratory reports numbered SJ112475-SJ112476, stating that the jadeites are natural, known in the trade as 'A Jade'; reports numbered SJ112478-SJ112480, dated 17 March 2015, stating that the nephrite jades are natural.



Lot 544

Rubellite, Gem-Set and Diamond Pendant Necklace

Sold for HK$94,400

Auction Estimate:

  • HK$30,000 - 45,000

  • US$3,900 - 5,900

An oval-shaped Rubellite cabochon weighing approximately 40.00 carats, in a pink sapphire and diamond-set framework, supporting cascading fringes anchored by pastel sapphires briolettes, and completed by a pink sapphire spectacle-set neckchain. Mounted in 18 karat white gold.

Accompanied by GRS report numbered GRS2013-098419 dated 13 September 2013, stating that the rubellite is natural, purplish pinkish-red, with no indication of thermal treatment.


Lot 357

Fancy Light Yellow Diamond, Yellow Diamond and Diamond Ring Sold for: HK$330,400

Auction Estimate:

  • HK$280,000 - 340,000

  • US$37,000 - 44,000

Designed as a flower, centering on a radiant-cut diamond weighing 5.02 carats within a circular-cut yellow diamond surround, the petals set by rose-cut pear-shaped diamonds with diamond-set rim, to a textured gold shank. Mounted in 18 karat white gold. Ring size: 7.

Accompanied by GIA report numbered 2145306399 dated 23 January 2012, stating that the 5.02 carat diamond is Fancy Light Yellow colour, VVS1 clarity.


Lot 355

Chrysoberyl, Colour Diamond and Diamond Pendant Necklace

Sold for HK$49,560

Auction Estimate:

  • HK$40,000 - 60,000

  • US$5,200 - 7,800

Suspending a circular openwork pendent set with circular-cut diamonds, accented by round-shaped chrysoberyl and various shaped orange-coloured diamonds, completed by a diamond spectacle-set neckchain. Mounted in 18 karat white gold. Length approximately 45.5cm.



Lot 145

Tsavorite, Paraiba and Diamond Ring

Sold for HK$413,000

Auction Estimate:

  • HK$350,000 - 500,000

  • US$45,000 - 65,000

Centering on a cushion-shaped modified brilliant-cut tsavorite garnet weighing 9.07 carats, with heart-shaped diamond surround, accented by round paraiba tourmalines. Mounted in 18 carat white gold. Ring size: 7 3/4.

Accompanied by GRS report numbered GRS2011-071006 dated 06 July 2011, stating that the 9.07 carat tsavorite (Grossularite-Garnet) is natural, with no indication of treatments.


1) Don't forget about the buyer's premium!

They may go up to 20% depending on which auction houses.

2) Always check the gemstone in person during travelling or pre-exhibitions.

Never buy solely based on an image. Pictures only show the best side of the gemstone.

3) Always examine coloured gems in a variety of lighting (Daylight and Yellow Light).

4) Always cross refer prices with similar past auction results.

Check with various auction houses, i.e. Sotheby's, Christies


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