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My Darling Habour

Luminous Blue Universe of Paraibas

The Darling Harbour necklace is inspired by the luminous phenomenon, the beauty of the waves as we walk along the shore admiring the greenish-blue hues of the waters.


Known as milky sea effect or, Mareel, we longed for a gem to embody the heart of the ocean and reflect its neon glows.

Singapore High Jewellery Paraiba, Moltenore Fine Jewellery

Neon Glows

Diamonds connect the ocean with the blue stars, signifying the everlasting shine that this phenomenon brings to our eyes

Round neon Brazilian Paraibas are laid delicately around like blue stars scattered in the ocean, while the center Paraiba represents the deep blue oceanic world with its neon greenish-blue colour.

Paraiba Tourmalines

Rarer than diamonds, Paraibas have become one of the most sought after gemstones in the last few decades. First discovered in 1980s, in the hills of the Brazilian state of Paraiba, no other gemstone can exhibit the vivid neon glow that distinguishes Paraiba Tourmalines.


With the trace element copper, it creates the signature incandescent glow that appears to light up the stone from within. Find out more about Paraibas.

White Plants
Singapore Jewelry Paraiba

On Display : 

17.69 cts Paraiba Mozambique -Neon (GRS)

16 Paraiba Brazilian Top Colour and Quality

25 Round Brilliant Diamonds

This work of art is displayed in our private showroom.

Get in touch with us  for a viewing, or if you are interested in something customized.

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