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Marquee by Moltenore

Sunflowers that shine brightly in the night light

The sunflower in full bloom showcases Moltenore’s exceptional handcrafting that centers around an array of Royal Blue Sapphires. These beautiful stones are set in a concaved manner, like the cores of natures best flower, petals, lavishly laid with numerous round brilliant diamonds.

For this brooch we used the sunflower as the basis of this design. Sunflowers are known for their bright orangy yellow petals and how they follow the sun’s movements.

Elaborately decorated combined with the stunning colour of the Royal Blue Sapphires, this brings a feast to the eyes like no other. At Moltenore we believe that the choice of stones are just as important as the design, and we will always try to bring out the beauty of fiery vivid stones in our designs.

On Display: 25 Royal Blue Sapphires (4.97 cts), Sunflower Pendant/Brooch

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