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Eternity by Moltenore

Fading Memories Revived by Passion

The Eternity collection is inspired by the many kinds of experience we will have in our lives. Set in a small town in Rovinj, Croatia, we marked our memory over a nice cup of chocolate latte along with the sea breeze. Classical live operatic tunes crash with the sounds of waves.

Like the waves circling around the small town of Rovinj, forms of round brilliant diamonds swirl about the long lost memory that blurs along with time. However, in its core, is a centerstone represented like a little chocolate truffle.

As we unravel the outer layers and finally take a bite into it, the sweetness floods our mind with a kaleidoscope of memories vivid, displayed in the brown green yellow flashes from this diamond.

On Display: 1.04 cts Brownish Greenish Yellow Diamond (GIA)

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